Kamp Rental Information
This document attempts to answer common questions. Please contact me if you wish.

Contact information:
David Smiley
Home Phone:
4 Dacotah AV, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5J 2E5

Municipal Address of the Kamp:
R.R. #5,
741-A Red Rock Road, Killaloe, ON, KOJ 2AO

There is an internet phone at the Kamp. There is good cel phone coverage by Rogers & Bell. I do not know about other celular service providers.
If your phone has service at the Kamp you can reach 911 emergency services using your phone or ours. If you do call 911 do not hang up untill instructed to do so by the operator. The following link explains how 911 works with cel phones.

Rental Rates and Conditions

The Kamp is what we call our family cottage on Round Lake. Between mid June and the Thanksgiving weekend in October it is available for rent when we are not using it.

There are two cottages accessed by a single gate, The Kamp is at the bottom of the hill. We are 741-A. Mom's cottage has the municipal address of 741-B and is at the top of the hill.

All summer rentals are weekly 1:30 p.m. Saturday to 12:30 the next Saturday.

Weekends may be available during the shoulder seasons at half the weekly rate.

Cost of rental is listed on the "KampRates" page for the specified dates. Any variations specific to the tenant will be specified in "The Rental Agreement" that we will sign.

Maximum occupancy is 6 people and 2 dogs. No cats due to allergies.

There is a cleaning deposit that will be refunded if the place is undamaged and as clean as it was when you, the tenant, arrived.

The cleaning deposit is $300. The cleaning deposit will be returned in whole or in part with an explanation after an inspection.

Most guests over the past years have been respectful and I expect most guests will receive full refunds. My property manager will inspect the Kamp before and after your holiday to ensure the Kamp is clean and undamaged. Please leave a note to flag anything broken or nonfunctional.

Tentative bookings may be made by phone or email and will be confirmed after receipt of the Rental Contract with the deposit cheque. The amount of the cheque will be 50% of the rent. The final rent payment including the cleaning deposit should be send 2 weeks before your arrival. If you cancel 4 weeks before your arrival your deposit will be returned minus $300. Deposits will not be returned after that date.

The only place that a fire may be made is in the stone BBQ that my Grandfather built. Hard wood or charcoal is preferable if you are cooking but pine and pinecones are fine for small decorative fires, kindling or marshmallow roasts. There may be some roasting sticks beside the BBQ, if not cut some from saplings on the property.

For safety, fill the bucket beside the BBQ with water.

Kids love playing with fire and must be supervised by a responsible person at all times.

At times in the summer the woods are so dry that fires are banned except for cooking and warmth. The propane BBQ can still be used but please take extra care. The provincial Ministry of Natural Resources issues and publicizes fire warnings. Pembroke MNR phone # 613-732-5540.

Description of the property
The Kamp is one of two cottages on adjacent properties that are entered through the same gate at #741 Red Rock Road. Mom's cottage is at the top of the hill, The Kamp is at the bottom. We are on the east shore of Round Lake, Killaloe, Hagarty & Richards Township in Renfrew County, south of Algonquin Park. We face west to the sunset. The lake is large and nominally round with a log dam at the outflow of the Bonchere River.

The lake and shoreline provides habitat for a variety of animals and plants.

The property is woodland with Red and White Pine providing the dominant covering and distinctive scent. Chokecherry. Alder, Maple, Birch and Poplar are also present. Note: Poison Ivy is present in one place on the property and is thriving along the road-side of Red Rock Road.

Mom spends most of the summer in her cottage, with friends and relations as guests. She is sociable and will help as required but she values her privacy. Please say hello when you arrive and be respectful during your stay.

The Kamp
The building is a three bedroom house. The house has a 3 piece bathroom, (shower only, no bath.) There is a fully equipped kitchen with a 24 inch electric stove, a large fridge but no dish washer. A microwave, a bread maker an espresso and coffee maker are also available. The dining area is on the same level.

Down 4 steps is the living room. I refer to the common space as the "great hall." It is a large open space with cathedral ceilings and a 16' x 32' footprint divided in half by stairs. The livingroom area has large windows looking to the lake, patio doors leading to the lake, 2 couches and 2 corner nooks. While seldom needed during the summer, in the forth corner is the fireplace. It really is a wood furnace. In the coldest months of the year it provides ample heat. It is a good fireplace for a bit of extra warmth if you put small pieces of wood in to it.

The 3 bedrooms and the bathroom are on the same level as the kitchen. Stairs are needed to access the building and no attempt has been made to provide wheelchair access.

There is an internet phone at the Kamp. There is good cel phone coverage by Rogers & Bell. Aparently Telus does not provide service. I do not know about other celular service providers.
If your phone has service at the Kamp you can reach 911 emergency services using your phone or ours. If you do call 911 do not hang up untill instructed to do so by the operator. The following link explains how 911 works with cel phones.

You can use your smart phone to access the internet. Internet access is also available at the Killaloe Public Library at a nominal cost.

There is also a Bell ExpressView satelite dish at the Kamp but I have discontinued the service. If you bring a Bell TV receiver you can attach it to the dish and use the provided TV to use the satelite service. You will need to contact Bell TV at 1-888-759-3474 to activate your contract for service for this location.

There is a TV unit with DVD player in the living room and a older TV & VCR along with some movies in "Linda's room". We have a stereo radio receiver/amplifier that can be connected to your MP3 music library.

The house is furnished and the kitchen has all the necessities to cook and feed at least 6 people. Some food staples (eg: sugar, salt, flour, oil, vinegar, soy sauce, herbs, teas and more) will be found in the kitchen. Please replace any that you finish.

Drinking Water
All the water used in the Kamp is drawn from the lake. Sediment is filtered out and the water is sterilized by ultra violet light. It is tested every spring and is safe to drink.

Some guests prefer to purchase water from the grocery stores.

You will need to bring:
Tea-towels, towels, sheets, (favourite pillows?), pillow cases and perhaps some blankets, (some blankets are provided,)
consumables (some staple food items are in the cupboard. Use what you need and replace any that you finish up.)
and life jackets, (we have some but they might not be the sizes that you need.)

The Closest Stores and Hospitals
Killaloe is the closest village, about 15 minutes by car. Barry's Bay is also nearby, about 25 minutes, Pembroke 45 minutes. The closest hospitals are in Barry's Bay & Pembroke. Eganville, Renfrew, Bancroft are a half-day round trip. Ottawa is 2.5 hours away. Toronto is 5 hours away.

The dock in front of the Kamp will not stabilize a small fishing boat in a storm. If you bring a boat you need to take responsibility for anchoring it, independant of the dock. I have an anchored mooring about 20 feet off shore. If you drop anchor give wide berth to our water intake pipe in the lake to the right of the dock.

We contoured a gravel slope on the east side of the dock to make it easier to get small boats in and out of the water. There is now a marine railway to lift boats weighing under one ton out of the waves and onto the shore. You may need to adjust the supports for your boat.

There are two boat launches on Round Lake. Both are across the lake. One is in Round Lake Centre, the other is in Bonchere Provincial Park.

Our 12 foot row boat, a kayak and a canoe and some life jackets are available for your use at no additional cost. You are responsible for any damage if you use these. No motor is available. Note that there is a drain plug in the stern of the boat.

Barry's Bay Outfitters rents canoes, etc.

You can easily enter the water from the concrete stairs in front of the Kamp.
The concrete deck has been resurfaced and additional granite bolders were placed along the shoreline for protection against the ice.

The water is warmed to pleasant swimming temperatures from July through September. The lake bottom is sand with granite rocks along our shoreline. The depth of the water increases gradually. There are no currents and few weeds making swimming a treat. The water is clear with some tannin colouring. You can see 12 feet down from the surface.

Fishing licenses are required to fish in Ontario and there are regulations. Booklets are available at government liquor stores and at numerous stores where licenses are sold.

Round Lake contains populations of sport fishes including: Pickerel (Walleye,) Perch, Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Lake Trout and Whitefish. Muskies, Large Mouth Bass and Brook Trout are found in surrounding waters. Fish from Round Lake are safe to eat.

Contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural resources for more information.

Garbage & Recycling
We have a composter beside the raccoon-proof garbage shed. Vegitables only. Please do not compost meat, fish or animal feces.

Current Recycling from the township list:
Items & Instructions
Drink and food cans, aluminum plates, foil -Rinsed, cleaned, flatten if your prefer
Aerosol cans (Empty/Insecticides/Herbicides)
Paint Cans (No Plastic, empty, lids removed and placed in blue box)
#1, #2 Plastic Bottles -Food & beverage bottles ONLY
# 2, 3, 5, 7 & Jugs -Food & Beverage, household liquids, windshield washer
#6 Styrofoam -Clean Food & Beverage - Other pieces 10" only
Plastic tubs/lids #2, 5 -Clean
Newspaper, flyers, magazines, junk mail -Tied or Bagged Together
Catalogues, writing paper, telephone directories -Small amounts
Boxboard, Egg Cartons (Cardboard) -Flattened, tied or placed inside a larger box
Cardboard -Flattened, tied together 24"x24"
Brown paper bags, dog/cat kraft food bags (No chemical bags)
Clear/Coloured glass (food & beverage bottles only) -No drinking glasses, ceramic cups, window panes, dinner plates/cups, mirrors, carlights, lightbulbs
Office mixed paper -In clear plastic bags - everything used in office, (No carbon and/or construction paper)

Items Not Accepted: Milk & Juice cartons, plastic bags, textiles(clothing), styrofoam (except for #6) carbon paper, pocket novels

Killaloe, Hagarty And Richards Waste Site Hours
There is a fee of $2/bag for garbage disposal. Tags can be purchased from the attendant at the dump.

Killaloe Site (signed as "Waste Site" on Mask Road, ) This is just to the right off the Round Lake Road on the way into Killaloe.
Wednesday 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM

Round Lake Site (Sunrise Road)
Thursday 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon
Sunday 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon

*May to October Holiday Long Week-Ends: Both Round Lake and Red Rock Sites will be CLOSED on Sundays.

Holiday Mondays (May ­ Oct.): Red Rock Site Only is Open From 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Sites are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

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