Colour management is often a difficult issue with print managers, graphic artists and photographers.

Images on the web generally use a colour balance called sRGB. For printing use I normally use the Adobe 1998 RGB.

It is further complicated with the differing monitor standards and adjustments; or lack of adjustment as it may be.

The images on this page are designed to help you judge if my monitor and yours are showing the photos with the same graphic range and colour balance.

If the images to the left have colours that are much stronger than others then your monitor needs adjustment. The monitor also needs adjustment if you can not differentiate the tones in the grey scale.

Please consult the help information of your operating system to calibrate your screen display.

My monitor is also set to "millions of colours" which gives smooth transitions between tones or colours.

I appreciate any comments you may have reguarding my web pages.

Kodak colour scale