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OFL Education Conference, October 30, 2004

With the permission of the OFL, these photos can be used as is for web use, although I would make some corrections to the colour and perhaps crop or modify the images in other ways.

I can provide high resolution files for printing or individual prints from negatives. Again permission is required from the OFL.

1-18 | 19-36 | 37-54 | 55-72 | 73-90 | 91-100

dat908 dat909 dat910 dat911 dat912 dat913
DAT908.jpg DAT909.jpg DAT910.jpg DAT911.jpg DAT912.jpg DAT913.jpg
dat914 dat915 dat916 dat917 dat918 dat919
DAT914.jpg DAT915.jpg DAT916.jpg DAT917.jpg DAT918.jpg DAT919.jpg
dat920 dat921 dat922 dat923 dat924 dat925
DAT920.jpg DAT921.jpg DAT922.jpg DAT923.jpg DAT924.jpg DAT925.jpg

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