Labour Movement Photos

Labour Day 2015

Selected Images 2013Teachers Strike
Labour Day 2013Unifor forms

Selected Photos 2010USWA Investiture

Labour Day 2009
Fix E.I.

E.I. Rally, June 13'09
E.I. rally

Labour Day 2008
Organizing is no joke

Labour Day 2007

Labour Day 2006p9040236

SolidarityWorks 2006p7161561c

OPSEU Teachers Strike, March 8, 2006p3080678

SolidarityWorks 2005p7150300

Labour Day 2005p9051138


OFL Youth Conference 2005


Take Your Kids to the Union Day 200

No P3's - Public Heath RallyNoP3

 Labour Day 2004p9067133

OFL Education Conference
October 2004

 Take Your Kids to the Union Day 2004f1010036c

Dalton Remember your promises Rally pb277484

Medicare Rally, May 5, 2003

SolidarityWorks, July 25, 2003ofl_youth_group_test

  SEIU Information Picket Sunnybrook Hospital'03p7218034

Labour Day 2003p9018838

Labour Day 2002p9023574c

North Bay Day of Action