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The photos on this page were hanging in the Rectory through the month of May, 2005. Prints on the following page were not hung because if lack of space. Please contact me if you wish to se these and additional images.

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blownpine-toronto04sp1114 p2218653cv2i pa226998c p2218665c p2088404cs p9280108csp1114
Blownpine-Toronto04sp1114.psd P2218653cv2i.psd PA226998c.psd P2218665c.psd P2088404cs.psd P9280108csp1114.tif
p2048369c bruce_sunrise pa266981c pc041566c1115sp p7187623cv3sp p1022390_copy
P2048369c.psd Bruce sunrise.jpg PA266981c.psd PC041566c1115sp.tif P7187623cv3sp.psd P1022390 copy.jpg
compp2041942-45cv2_261 p2218660c p2218646cs p2218656c p1318326c p1151843c
compP2041942-45cv2,261.tif P2218660c.psd P2218646cs.psd P2218656c.psd P1318326c.psd P1151843c.psd

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