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Peace of 'art photos

Peace of 'art is a solo show of spectacular photographs largely taken during 2002. All images are from the heart, hense the name. The pictures depict Canadian social activism and Toronto Island landscapes.

A few images from the peace movement of the early 80s are included to put the current struggle for peace and social justice in perspective.

David is a photographer-activist who has been a participant in the struggle for social justice for decades.

The captions are only partially complete. The photos are available to purchase as matted images with or without frames. All fit in 11*14 inch or 16*20 inch frames. The cost is $45. and up. Please contact me with any inquiries.

1-18 | 19-36 | 37-54

diptic_v2 oct_31_82_demo_1 ufwa87204 litton__nov_11_82_demo_10c ice_3_mar.10_2_810.psd_copy p2083611c
diptic v2.psd Oct 31'82 demo,1.tif UFWA87204.psd Litton, Nov 11'82 demo,10c.psd Ice#3,Mar.10'2,810.psd copy P2083611c.psd
dsq1218016_ dsq1218013 dsq1218012c dsq1218100 p3224461c p1182565c_copy
DSQ1218016*.JPG DSQ1218013.psd DSQ1218012c.psd DSQ1218100.psd P3224461c.psd P1182565c copy.jpg
p3224451 p3224458 p3204328c p4054836c p2153820c p3204332c
P3224451.psd P3224458.psd P3204328c.psd P4054836c.psd P2153820c.jpg P3204332c.psd

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