This is the jump off point to take a look at a diverse body of images that involve making political statements in public places. The images of demonstrations are part of the Canadian struggle for meaninful democracy . Canadians feel that we live in a free and caring society that allows dissent. For the most part that is true. We don't get shot when demonstrating. We get photographed and the "security services" try to identify threats to the security of the nation. Often it looks to me that the "security services" use public demonstrations as opportunities to test their preparations for violent confrontations with the citizens that they are supposed to be protecting. We are funding the military exercises through our tax dollars. Our money could be better spent.

In my opinion public demonstrations are a healthy way to change the statis quo. Demos are only part of the toolbox for change. I prefer pacifist solutions but the threat of death to those we love and ourselves is a motivating force to violence. The better way is to support the life force. Strengthen the ability of people to work together.

The balance of power in this world is awful. Humans are killling each other, polluting the environment and electing or supporting morons.

I know it is possible to change the future.

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