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Photographic Assignments

My assignments include: group and individual portraits, conventions, documentary style wedding photography, barmitzvahs/bamitzvahs, celebrations, annual reports, work-place images, editorial and illustrative images. Many of my images involve a "social justice" theme in one way or another. I have also done interior/exterior architectural and product photography.

These days much of my work is purely digital, however higher quality is still achieved using film. I will work with you to get the most appropriate quality with the convenience of digital work-flow.

My minimum charge is based on a half-day assignment which includes a half hour for one way travel.

I will supply an estimate when I have an understanding of your project.

The finished product could be a digital file for reproduction or photographic prints. Images may also be licensed for a variety of uses.

One product I produce is limited edition posters that combine photos, graphics and text. These can be used as booth displays, for promotion or personal use.


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