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The Terry Fox run on Toronto Islands is in honour of two Terry's; Terry Metcalf and Terry Fox.

1-18 | 19-36 | 37-54 | 55-72 | 73-79

p9181354 p9181356 p9181358 p9181359 p9181360 p9181361
P9181354.JPG P9181356.JPG P9181358.JPG P9181359.JPG P9181360.JPG P9181361.JPG
p9181362 p9181363 p9181364 p9181365 p9181366 p9181367
P9181362.JPG P9181363.JPG P9181364.JPG P9181365.JPG P9181366.JPG P9181367.JPG
p9181369 p9181370 p9181371 p9181372 p9181373 p9181374
P9181369.JPG P9181370.JPG P9181371.JPG P9181372.JPG P9181373.JPG P9181374.JPG

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