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These shots of wedding celebrations were taken during 2004. Several of the weddings and receptions were at the Algonquin Island Association Clubhouse, on Toronto Island.


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dag210c dag223c dag229c dag232c dag238c dag249c
DAG210c.psd DAG223c.psd DAG229c.psd DAG232c.psd DAG238c.psd DAG249c.psd
dag256c dag257c dag277c dag289c dag303c dag314c
DAG256c.psd DAG257c.psd DAG277c.psd DAG289c.psd DAG303c.psd DAG314c.psd
dag316c dag326c dag330c dag336c dag343c dag361c
DAG316c.psd DAG326c.psd DAG330c.psd DAG336c.psd DAG343c.psd DAG361c.psd

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